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People shipping Dexter and Debra.



What on earth is wrong with you? They are BROTHER AND SISTER. Damn. 

Don’t like, don’t read. And don’t tag your hate. This is Internet Etiquette 101. If it grosses you out, use the magic of the down arrow or back button.

OMG for real? This is where someone crosses the line? They arent even related by blood .. but all the shippers of the brothers from supernatural .. super fine with you? They really are siblings, is it because they cant have babies? (though I am sure there are fics with that story line also, because like its supernatural stuff right?).

Graduating Hogwarts






Catherine, Hufflepuff, graduated with bad grades and becomes a wandmaker.

Kris, Hufflepuff, graduated with good grades and becomes the next Dark Lord. 


Yuuko, Slytherin, graduated with average grades and dies in a battle against the enemy.


Lisa Jayne, Ravenclaw, graduated with awful grades and works part-time in Gringotts.




A, Ravenclaw, graduated with very good grades and becomes a fugitive.

vanessa, Ravenclaw, graduated with good grades and marries a fellow student.

im not saying this is completely accurate or anything, but my hubs and I went to uni together and i was an honors student and im totally a ravenclaw so like - totes accurate.

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shittest day ever?

dad was in a car accident where he totalled his works van after blacking out from some flu he has

neighbour is being evicted and has massive mental health issues, but is alone - so trying to get her help/place to live/placement for her animals

husband comes home sick from work

watering the garden and a less than 2 yr old boy is wandering in the middle of the road, and cars are going around him, so i run out and get him off the road - hes wandered out of the house after a nap, so i get him to point to his mummys car and we knock on houses and find his parents

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